You Are What You Eat

Eating Halal and earning a lawful income plays a vital role in the acceptance of all our Ibadat (worship) and good deeds. A person can never attain the status of piety if one is careless in this matter. In fact, it was amongst the noble practices of our pious predecessors that not only did they refrain from Haram products but were equally very cautious regarding doubtful products. Mufti Saiful Islam Sahib has presented a discourse on this matter in one of his talks. I found the discourse to be very beneficial, informative and enlightening on the subject of Halal and Haram that clarifies its importance and status in Islam. I strongly recommend my Muslim brothers and sisters to read this treatise and to study it thoroughly.

Cover Paperback
Author Mufti Saiful Islam
Publisher JKN Publication
Pages 38
Size 20.9 x 14.8cm
Category Tazkiyah-spirituality
Product Number #TS-MSI-6