Gift for Muslims proudly presents its Creative Islamic studies syllabus.

A broad, rich and well balanced creative syllabus which covers all the basics of the Islamic faith in a creative, fun and engaging manner, building on cultural capital and contributing greatly to many aspects of SMSC, PSHEE, SEAL, Citizenship, diversity, equality, religious tolerance, community cohesion, compassion, endurance, good will and Shared Values.

It covers all the basics of Islam with fun-filled, creative and interactive lessons.


It covers:

Aqaa’id (Belief),
Adaab (Manners),
Duas (Supplications),
Fiqh (Jurisprudence),
Seerah, (Biography)
Tajweed (Elocution),
Akhlaaq (Character),
Hadeeth (Sayings of The Prophet)
All of Juz Amma (Qur’an)
Tareekh (history – Stories of Prophet)

It includes:

Colour Coding
Creative Lessons
Progression check
Diversity & Inclusion
Assessing learning
Objectives & Success criteria
Audio assistance

Are you a Muslim looking for basic Islamic knowledge?

Trying to teach or learn the essentials but finding it hard?

Let Gift for Muslims guide you through your journey.

We offer a unique colour-coded syllabus, which teaches you from basic to advanced knowledge, which comes complete with international characters and a story line with every lesson to relate it to everyday life.