“Ask A Mufti”, is a comprehensive three volume fatwa book, based on the Hanafi School, covering a wide range of topics related to every aspect of human life such as belief, ritual worship, life after death and contemporary legal topics related to purity, commercial transaction, marriage, divorce, food, cosmetic, law pertaining to women, Islamic medical ethics and much more. This comprehensive compendium will, through the Divine Will of Allah (SWT), serve as a guide for the Muslim community and answer most of the commonly posed questions, elaborating with answers through the light of the Quran, Sunnah and the classical Jurists.

Cover Hardback
Author Mufti Saiful Islam
Publisher JKN Publication
Pages 295
Size 21 x 14.8cm
Category Fiqh-usul-al-Fiqh
Product Number #FUAF-MSI-4