A Gift for Ramadhan

Shaykh Abdul Raheem (Hāfizahullāh) has again done a great service for the Muslim community by compiling and explaining some common Masaa’il that arise during the blessed month of Ramadhan. His research and consultations with Ulama and Muslim doctors have helped solve many important issues which are faced daily in Ramadhan. With regards to fasting, Tarawih, Zakat and I’tikaf, this book is a much-awaited work that will Insha Allah prove to be beneficial for all Muslim brothers and sisters.

Includes: 40 Hadith compiled by Shaykh, Masaa’il of Fasting, Salatul Tarawih, Zakat, I’tikaf, Sadaqatul Fitr & The Complete Guide to Fasting.


Price £3.00
Cover Paperback
Author Shaykh Abdul Raheem Limbada (Hāfizahullāh)
Publisher Tafseer Raheemi
Pages 120
Category Fiqh-usul-al-Fiqh
Product Number #FUSF-TR-1