20 Sticks Indian Sandalwood Saysell Woody Incense Agarbati Home Burn Fragrance

Stick Name: Indian Sandalwood.

Incense: Woody.

Notes: Aromatic.

Manufacturer: Saysell.

Occasion: Any.

Pack Quantity: 1 Pack.

Number of Sticks: 20 sticks.

Burning Time: One hour on average.


Light the coated tip of the incense stick until it flames.

Allow the flame to burn for approximately 5-10 seconds, then blow it out.

The tip of the stick should now glow red, smoulder, and slowly release its fragrance into the room.

Place the stick into a suitable holder, on a firm surface, away from flammable materials.


For fragrance purposes only.

Use in a well-ventilated area, burning no more than two sticks at a time.

Never leave burning incense sticks unattended. Always have them within your sight, and away from the reach of children and pets.

Allow ash to cool completely before disposing in the bin – remember, hot ash can smoulder and cause a fire.